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Co-Living - Where Loneliness Can Be Resolved.

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Still not sure about co-living and what it really means? Let us explain it to you.

Your Life. Your Space. Your Choice.

Love-hate relationship with roommates? Get the best of independent living and the perks of shared social spaces at 3Square, Bloomington’s first-ever option for co-living. Not only can you plan your own social event, but we will be hosting community events to ensure you will have a full, social experience while living at 3Square.

Each building will have it's own, unique, architecturally inspired theme. There will be a surprise around every corner!

Building A - "The Warhol" - Pop-Art

Building B - "The Banksy" - Stencil Street-Grafitti Art

Building C - "The Juliet" - Contemporary Neo-Traditional Art

Private Spaces. Like-Minded Community.

3Square’s 97 brand new, fully-furnished rooms offer a 300-square-foot private bedroom and bathroom, personal temperature controlled environment, and a small convenience kitchen with a microwave and fridge. Common spaces, including modern lounges, gourmet kitchens, co-working areas, an outside patio and fireplace, business center, and fitness area, give residents plenty of opportunities to be social. You’re always invited but never obligated

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

By sharing resources, co-living offers a greener, more sustainable approach to living. Each 3Square building is equipped with a fully-stocked, high-end kitchen, including cookware, plates, glasses, and silverware. Each resident has locker space to store their food, so meals can be shared or cooked and enjoyed solo, without the hassle or waste of having personal kitchen supplies.

Utilities & Amenities Included.

3Square makes Bloomington living simple and adds to monthly savings by including all utilities like electric, water, gas, and internet. Luxe amenities like valet trash pickup at your door, a 24-hour package hub, and a high-end fitness center with weights, cardio machines, fitness and much more, make community living hard to beat.

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