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COVID-19 Policy

We know that this is a scary time and everyone has a lot of questions.  This is all new to every single one of us and so we ask for your patience while we try to answer the questions and concerns in the best way we know how. In an effort to protect everyone, the following will take place until further notice. Thank you for your cooperation while we try to keep our communities as safe a possible.

OFFICE - The office is closed to the public but we will continue to respond via email and/or phone during normal office hours. This will help protect all of us.

PACKAGES - To help protect  our residents, we are not accepting packages in the office at this time. If something is delivered to us by accident, we will make arrangements to place it inside your front door. This will help keep social distancing to protect everyone.  Our top priority is our residents and our team. Thank you for understanding. MAINTENANCE - All Maintenance orders will be placed on hold unless it is an emergency. Emergencies will be considered no heat if it is below 55 outside, no hot water, a flood, unsecure door or window, or a fire. We do not offer lock out services.  All other orders will be placed on hold to protect everyone. If YOU are sick or on quarantine, please let us know ASAP. We do not want to risk anyone’s health.

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